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From the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the trading machine displayed yet another bearish day as the All Share Index closed at 57,337.44 base points, lower than yesterday’s close of 58,177.20 base points. A total of 18,787 separate deals involving the transfer of 2,012,422,453 unit shares worth N25,773,282,780.40 was made today, as against yesterday’s total of 15,491 deals involving a volume of 431,188,068 unit shares valued at N7,167,549,348.66. Indicating that more investors are disposing of there holdings at a lower value than yesterday. However, the Market Capitalisation closed at N11,328,857,520,684.26, lower than yesterday’s total market valuation of N11,483,495,696,342.67.

The market movers of the day volume-wise includes: (1) IAINSURE traded a volume of 1,244,510,970 unit shares worth N2,389,461,062.40; (2) UACN traded 164,414,656 unit shares worth N8,220,877,382.66; (3) INTERCONT traded with a volume of 128,933,981 unit shares worth N5,207,016,414.61; (4) PLATINIUM traded a volume of 43,742,579 unit shares valued at 996,764,679.41; (5) FIDELITYBK traded a volume of 42,596,281 unit shares worth N429,935,175.92.
The top price gainers list in a decending order includes: (1) TOTAL gained N11.94 to close at N250.92; (2) MOBIL gained N5.50 to close at N205.00; (3) JBERGER gained N5.45 to close at N114.60; (4) GUINNESS gained N1.55 to close at N135.35.
On the other hand, the price losers in a descending order includes: (1) OANDO which lost N3.36 to close at N199.99; (2) UACN lost N2.65 to close at N50.34; (3) FLOURMILL lost N2.05 to close at N85.00; while (4) ASHAKACEM lost N2.00 to close at N38.00

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