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Nigerian Stock Exchange on june 3rd, 2008.

At the close of today’s trading activities, data on the market engine showed a downward movement in prices as the All Share Index stoped at 58,177.20 base points lower than yesterday’s 58,928.84 base points indicating a bearish trend.There was a total of 15,491 deals involving a volume of 431,188,068 unit shares valued at N7,167,549,348.66, as against yesterday’s total of 15,609 deals (transactions) involving a volume of 567,371,386 unit shares worth N7,150,188,183.86. The Market Capitalisation also depreciated to N11,483,495,696,342.67 as against yesterday’s lN11,631,860,238,636.43.

The top traded stocks include: (1) GOLDINSURE traded a volume of 49,558,257 unit shares valued at N142,763,438.42; (2) INTERCONT traded traded a volume of 36,264,678 unit shares valued at N1,523,915,670.71; (3) FIRSTBANK traded with a volume of 18,593,934 unit shares valued at N766,239,548.14; (4) CUSTODYINS traded with a volume of N16,573,563 unit shares valued at N102,207,138.02; while (5) OCEANIC traded a volume of 15,903,192 unit shares valued at 431,978,276.91.
The top 4 price gainers list in a descending order includes: (1) JBERGER gained N5.45 to close at N109.15; (2) NESTLE gained N5.00 to close at N225.00; (3) CAPALBETO gained N3.63 to close at N107.37; (4) CAP gained N2.75 to close at N57.75
On the other hand, the price losers in descending order includes: (1) OANDO lost N10.66 to close at N203.35; (2) TOTAL lost N8.98 to close at N238.98; (3) 7UP lost N2.26 to close at N51.00; while (4) INTERCONT lost N2.03 to close at N41.55.

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