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Nigerian Stock Exchange: recently released results.

Today some companies made available their financial results to dealing members of the exchange. Among results released were those of Unic insurance plc, Guinea insurance and Aso savings and loans plc.

Unic insurance plc.

The results of the insurance company for its third quarter ended 30th September 2008 showed an increase in its gross premium from N1.4 billion in comparative period of 2007 to N1.84 billion in 2008. It also grew its after tax profit to N365.25 million as against N281.85 recorded in 2007.

Guinea insurance plc.

Results of the company for the third quarter ended 30th September shows great improvement in key financial index. It recorded a turnover of N711.4 million compared to N202.21 recorded in the same period in 2007, this indicates a growth of 251.81 percent. Profit after tax saw an increase of 222.69 percent from N55.8 million in 2007 to n180.025 million in 2008. Profit before tax also increased in like manner to N228.78 million showing an increase of 228.07 percent.

Aso savings and loans plc.

The unaudited third quarter results of the company for the period ended 31st December 2008 shows an increase in its turnover from N6.2 billion in same period of 2007 to N7.9 billion in 2008. Profit after tax inched up by 78.37 percent from N680.596 million in 2007 to N1.214 billion in 2008.

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