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stcok market report for 28/08/2008

The bulls had another positive day as the All Share Index closed upward by 46,312.27 base points as against yesterday’s. A total of 7,187 deals, involving a volume 484,975,918 of unit shares valued at N5,152,414,346.24 were traded today; as against yesterday’s total of 8,672 deals involving a total of 1,054,205,586 unit shares, valued at N14,870,507,827.02. The Market Capitalisation also appreciated to N9,443 trillion as against yesterday’s N9.088 trillion.

The top traded shares of the day included: (1) IANSURE traded with a volume of 84,274,173 unit shares valued at N62,362,888.02; (2) ACCESS traded 69,179,403 unit shares valued at N876,503,036.01; (3) WEMABANK traded 46,456,410 unit shares valued at N696,846,150.00; (4) FTNCOCOA traded 42,400,000 unit shares valued at N93,306,000.00; while (5) FIDELITYBK traded 29,757,832 unit shares valued at N229,027,242.57.
The top price gainers of the day included: (1) CHEVRON which gained N21.00 to close at N441.00; (2) OANDO gained N6.06 to close at N127.26; (3) GUINNESS gained N5.99 to close at N125.88; while (4) FLOURMILL gained N3.09 to close at N65.08.
On the other hand, the top price losers of the day included: (1) MOBIL which lost N3.59 to close at N355.69; (2) RTBRISCOE lost N0.19 to close at N19.10; (3) DNMEYER lost N0.10 to close at N10.65; while (4) IPWA lost N0.04 to close at N4.76.

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