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Nigerian Stock Exchange for July 1st, 2008.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange continued on its recovery path today as the Market price indicator, the All Share Index again edged up again to 55,949.00 base points as against yesterday’s 54,905.36 base points. The total market shares valuator, the Market Capitalisation also went up to N10,920,315,601,242.56 as against yesterday’s N10,716,615,132,199.71.

There was a total of 10,459 deals involving a volume of 573,179,540 unit shares valued at N9,381,974,978.27; as against yesterday’s 13,658 deals involving the trading of 1,236,774,565 unit shares volume, valued at N12,739,794,993.53.
The stocks with the most traded unit shares in a descending order includes: (1) PLATINUM which traded with a volume of 95,846,363 unit shares, valued at N2,828,708,971.90; (2) FIDELITYBK traded with 58,123,359 unit shares valued at N589,790,903.50; (3) IANSURE traded with a volume of 50,285,588 unit shares worth N52,297,011.52; (4) FIRSTBANK traded with a volume of 26,988,405 unit shares worth N1,154,294,081.85; (5) NIGERINS traded with a volume of 20,092,026 unit shares valued at N136,640,966.80.
The top price gainers of the day includes: (1) MOBIL which gained N9.84 to close at N206.71; (2) JBERGER gained N5.73 to close at N120.33; (3) ACCESSRDB3 gained N4.00 to close at N104.00; (4) WAPCO gained N2.55 to close at N54.15
While the top losers of the day includes: (1) CHEVRON lost N16.92 to close at N321.67; (2) TOTAL lost N12.00 to close at N238.00; (3) OANDO lost N8.74 to close at N195.25; (4) 7UP lost N2.46 to close at N52.00

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